Third Meeting

On Friday, 19th of June 2020, we held a meeting in Magdeburg. It was originally planned to meet in Munich, but due to COVID-19, special measures had to be taken.

The OVGU was able to provide a lecture hall where it was possible to comply with personal distance and hygiene regulations of the Corona virus pandemic. The meeting was held partially as a virtual conference to include all partners from outside Magdeburg.

During the meeting, the project partners reported about their progresses. It was decided to work together on a network and application model in order to have a common ground for all further efforts. The decision was made possible because the progress allowed to consolidate the achievements of the individual partners and subsumize them under a common model.

In addition, a demo program showing the capabilities of the DoRIoT environment was presented. A smart light bulb that can be switched via a sensor was demonstrated. The system was able to recover from a sensor failure and migrate its functionality to a camera instead.

The next meeting of the project group will be on the workshop on Tools and Concepts for Communication and Networked Systems (TCoNS), held in conjunction with the GI hosted conference INFORMATIK 2020.